December 27, 2006

2006- A Year as it is...

They are doing it. Every Single newspaper, TV channels are analyzing how 2006 was?
What was the progress happened for the nation as a whole, Industries in specific and individuals in particular? Let me put together my pluses, and minuses in 2006. After all that's why the blogs are there!

The journey:

Started off in Pune, as a calm software engineer gaining knowledge about the software industry, it was a year that promised me a lot. Then as I turn back to see there are a lot of ups and downs.
This year gave me great opportunities to take myself up by a notch or two professionally having to shift job from Pune to Chennai.
Looking back I have to thank Gopi anna, Nattu Anna, Anoop, Prad, Matty, Arun (peppy) for their support in helping me with the interviews or for great mental support!
Not particularly impressive second half of the year though! Let to live alone, I was enjoying the sense of freedom and the luxury I was showered into. A sense of complacency had taken over.
I faced hard days that required a lot of steel. Losing a few days that stuck hard where it hurts. Only too late to find out that the steel was getting groomed by day, mending it and trying to make me a better person.

As a whole 2006 started as a year for a boy who had no worries enjoying himself out at every given opportunity to a young man who knows that there are something more to the functioning of the world than it actually meets the eye. Trying to be watchful, trying to cut some aggression!
Trying to be calm thus avoiding being short tempered its been a real journey.
And I am grateful to have started a battle for life.

Having said that I have a few Plans for 2007
1. Career personal development
2. Planning
3. Personal Management
4. Patience in decision making

I have never made a New Year resolution, but this year its different!
Wish me best so that I won't falter.

God bless you and have a happy and prosperous new year.

Of course with Smiles! ;-)

November 16, 2006


Gone are those days
Where I sat wondering what Am I ?

Where are those days
When there were swarm of friends around!

Heaven are those days
Where work hours meant midnight!

Fun are those days
Where education meant examination!

Lost are those days,
Where shoulders competed for a falling head!

Miss all those days,
Where sorrow had no business in my life!

Here are the days,
Where puncutality means life!!

Iam in these days,
Where they call slogging as learning!!

How are these days,
when you cant even meet your girl !!

October 9, 2006

Child Labour Eradicated!!! Or is it?

Kudos to those who have taken this step. Child labour is one of the greatest crime our country was witnessing! There are 13 crore children out there, losing there childhood, future in the Quaarys, hotels, cracker factories, tea stalls, platform stalls, cycle shops, automobile mechanical shops, you name it..everywhere except the place where they have got to be. School.
The number is 13 crores. If you had missed it, it should be almost a 25% of the population less than 30. All of us, Indians, got to pat ourselves on the back !! "WE HAVE SUCESSFULLY RUINED A GENERATION!!"

The Order!
Well, I am not a fool to say that today child labour is gone from the country! But for every citizen of the country who know that spitting on the road is an offence, trespassing in the railroad is punishable, bribing is punishable for both the beneficiaries, please also know that Employing and support Child Labour is also a punishable offence. 3-12 months Imprisonment and upto 20,000 rupees.

Lets come to the implementation part of it.
If one kid is earning around, a 500-1000rs per month. it is going to be an immediete loss of Rs 13,00,000,000 to all those persons who are investing on them. Whooping! So no one is going to STOP this! Probably in the cities, in some urban towns it may stop. What about those from Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and other north eastern states ?
For instance my college in Jharkhand had kids of 9-14 working in the stalls around. Even though we complained of Child labour, they were amused to see some of us are actually protesting rather than appreciating the very fact that the child is earning for his family at this tender age!

Well, Whats the solution ?
Make people understand that indeed schooling is important ??
Ensure a family gets atleast two quarters meal a day ??
All simple things that is very very easy to say...!! I have said it.. there are a lot who are saying it..! But one to execute it ? No. No ONE can do this. Only WE can do this.!
Can we ensure that the India we are leaving to the future is better?

Smile, (lost!)

September 8, 2006


Now I decided to post something which I do the best. Talking without sense.
First of all, I deeply apologize to all the regular visitors of my blog for not constantly updating the blog. I was a bit busy (adanguda !!!) .
Here are some of the events that happened after I declared that I would like to come back from all the expeditions in the Northern part of India (actually I’ve been only to the east and west, but like any south Indian is madrasi, anything above AP is North!!)
I joined another company in Chennai, which has sent me to Singapore(Oorla irukka uda mattingaranghaya!!). And here I am in Singapore, still reading my post about Chennai and sighing...!!!
First time in a foreign country would have been very pathetic if it had not been Singapore. Hey this is a Cosmopolitan Country!! Chinese and Indians (as in the world) occupy most of this country(Country? Chennai is bigger my friend than this!!)I get Indian (south) foods, at a 5 times costlier price than in India!!!
Now It was not the same me who wrote that Pune is costly!!!!! Tamil movies screened in theatres, a rarity in Pune, and surprisingly at the same cost to double the cost as of Pune !
Yeah, I am still spending after multiplying the rates internally by 30!
I was not a freaky shopper. But this place is not let me even drink a Pepsi as it costs about 60RS!!!!I Guess, I would become a mean Kanjooos by the time I reach home if I don’t change.

Hey, will stop with a list of good and bad things about Singapore.
Bad News First.
1. This is not India.2. You don’t get a Vegetarian food, other than Indian restaurants!
3. It is too perfect, too clean and too hot
4. Too early to add more.
Good things.
1. Transportation, can match the best in the world. Germans have to confirm
2. Too friendly people.
3. Places like Little India (yes, this is a place in Singapore!) gives that "Apna" feel.
4. Too early to add more.

保持微笑, (keep smiling, Chinese Language)Balaji

P.S. All vethu-gethu(show-off) lines I have written here, are under the assumption that you are not flying to Singapore right away, for me to face the consequences! But if you do! Inform me in advance!!!!

June 13, 2006

Eager to add myself to the 1.5 crore others in ....

There was a time when I thought why shouldn’t I settle in Pune. Then I went to Chennai!!
I have been there before. I have rubbished the dust, lamented the heat and sweated to dehydration then. This once, I saw them all too. But only to see that my way of looking into it has totally changed. Now I was thinking about how to avoid the scorching sun and the biting dust in Chennai. That apart I started to look at it as a place where I would want myself to be in.

For all those who rubbish Chennai for other Indian cities here are some observations.

1. Chennai is the only city in the country that is capable of extending its breadth after Delhi. Other cities like Bangalore or Mumbai tend to grow lengthwise making it one big mess in terms of Traffic.
2. The hygiene factor. Come on! Be there to see it. It is incomparable to Pune and Mumbai. You can’t see many red spots on the roads and the walls. (Probably Chennaiites don’t prefer Pan, they stick with Gutka!!)
3. Cheaper Place to live in. You get an individual 1BHK in Vadapalani (It is not a Hiranandani or something) Rs 3000, whereas a normal 1BHK in Nigdi Pune, Thane (Mumbai) costs as much as Rs5000!!!
Electricity: rs1.5 per unit as to 3.5 in Maharashtra.
Transportation a ticket for an approx 20 kms costs Rs 5.50 in Chennai as to Rs 12 in Pune.
Movie tickets Satyam (chennai) Rs 80 as to Rs130 in Inox (Pune)
4. Language Problem...being a software bug myself, I can tell that all software engineers should speak a decent English. And if you are just that, language should not be a problem in Chennai. Everyone (to your class) speaks English (to a decent extent). Here I am leaving the politics and aversion towards learning Hindi aside of course!!

See my opinions are biased. But having visited these cities, I can tell you one thing for sure.
Going to Chennai is by no means a compromise of leaving the metropolitan atmosphere that these cities provide. And I am prepared to do just that!!!!
Now it’s a matter of time.


May 11, 2006

The Senti Tag!

Some see Life as one that is full of regrets for what has happened and some as one that is filled with happiness!!
Though I do, not completely though (that’s why this blog is coming), belong to the second category but am surely not in the first one! So when Prad tagged me to write some of the things that I miss a lot. I was more than convinced enough that I do have sufficient stuffs on this!
Rice mill ground Cricket! My twelfth standard vacation saw me getting buddies (mail us @: for lifetime! Thanks to our RMG (sounds like SCG, MCG doesn’t it?) the gap after 14 years of continuous school life was completely enjoyable! I still miss playing cricket amidst chattering for hours and hours there! RMG is still there and also my friends! We might play again...destiny permitting...!

College life! Those hawa bazeeing (a typical RIT way of putting Chatting without no real subject) till 6 A.M in the football ground, or those cricket in scorching sun and hailstorms, Places like Shyamda (an assistant in the Mechanical engineering dept who used to sell tea and junk eatables inside the campus during the evenings), Daddu (a stall that started after 11 P.M doing the same work only at night!!), Novelty for the countless get2gethers, Madhuban again for Parties and Bistapur (considered to be the most happening place of Jamshedpur). I can go on and on and on in writing about this! But I carry less “load”(a RIT way of putting Grimness) as the friends it has given me are for lifetime! (Also miss Professor Lalji’s famous “there iij (is) a majeene (machine)”!!)

Friends! I have made a lot of them. Abundance, in fact. But they are far too separated. I changed my school after 10th and I missed a lot of them; I miss most of them till now; many of my 12th friends though I come to know at least about their whereabouts! College friends, we have been blasted to all parts of this earth!! Buddies! Wherever you are! Do remember that there is a friend still reminiscing of those good old days!!

Family! Miss being with Parents! Fights with my young brother (Surprise!! I always lose!!), staying at cousins place and Grandparents over weekends. Endless uncle’s marriages with another endless list of cousins running tirelessly inside and outside the “Chattaram”! Funny young days! To be on a serious note, they have supported me throughout, in each and every step of my life, to which I am always grateful!!

Specialty foods! Some dishes, you get them everywhere, but what about the places where it is so special to you? Like, the Golgappas (Paani Puri) in Jamshedpur, Alu paratha, Dahi Kaadi of Hostel-G, RIT Jamshedpur, Buttermilk from Vizhagapattanam and Vijayawada Railway stations on those travels!

My trips to Andheri, Mumbai!! Not many people will be there now as they used to be at a point of time!

That’s it. These are few things I miss! But isn't that the way of life!! I would rather add 10/20 more in this topic in the future rather than being sad in missing the abovesaid!!

With Smiles,
P.S: I'll add the list to be added soon!!

May 2, 2006

Vellore_ A_Senti(mental)_Post

Vellore, a small city located at a distance of about 140 kilometers from Chennai. A town that is surrounded by broken mountain ranges of Eastern Ghats on its three sides and a river cutting across the city, a name which brings me some happiness ever since I left home to in search for a future. An industrial hub where in more or less all the industries ranging from Leather to Cotton to Chemical to Sugar to Ceramic to Engineering to Automobile industrial plants set up in and around the city. But the main occupation in this Fort city is Agriculture like the rest of the country. Don’t forget the Great CMC hospital in Vellore, where people from all over the country and even from around the world visit.

Any city is great as long as the people who live in that are lovely. The lovely people of this city, spread across the geography of this planet, so far but bonded to the city, an umbilical chord connection!

This is the entry /exit point to this lovely city. The Katpadi Railway station, when I was at the college used to travel for forty long hours to reach this place, and the sense of “feel good” factor that would overtake me in the last hour of the journey would be too good!
And the moment I land my feet at the station it is a sense of being home even before I reach home!!

The prestigious fort of Vellore, One side of the road crumpled with shops, hotels and supermarkets, keeping people busy and another side stands the history and culture of the city a fort built a Nayakkars, later used by Tippu sultan as a Shelter from the British!
Still standing in its complete structure this is truly a marvelous example of the 15th century architecture in the country!

The CMC hospital, again occupying acres of land in the heart of the city, a general public has everything to proud about this massive massive hospital that defines what State-of-art facility is to the other hospitals across the country and demonstrating how treatment can be done as a service than economics to all…you want to know what real medical service is…I can assure you get one of the world’s best service here!

The hospitality of the people is truly amazing! Even autowala’s don’t charge more than the normal even if you don’t speak Tamil. What more they speak Hindi, English and what more Even Bengali! A cosmopolitan in its own sense!!
Vellore institute of technology, which is becoming one of the famous college in the country.

In spite of all these there are some negatives about Vellore that I should share too!!
They are called the Seven Wonders of Vellore!!

1. Temple without God __The idol of god inside the fort temple was stolen that led to the closing of the temple for a few years till a new idol was made and kept. But the saying stayed!
2.River without water __ Blame monsoon, Blame Karnataka but you can hardly see water in Palar is a hard faced truth. But even with a decent monsoon there wont be a water scarcity even in scorching summer
3.Police without Power__ Sipoy Mutiny of 1806, the first war of Indian independence from the British started here. As the Indian Soldiers opposed to the British being given more power in comparison with an Indian soldier and there goes the saying!
4.Men without work __ No idea of why this came!
5.Women without Beauty __ lots of proof on this though!!
6.Fort without Garrison __ Well the fort was haunted for a century or so after the Nayakkars fell in the region and Tippu Sultan ruled from Mysore and hence the name!
7.Mountain without Trees __ Not so tall as its western counterparts are, the eastern Ghats are not really mountain ranges, but a cluster of broken pieces of mountains with height less than 1000 ft too! Many such surrounds Vellore and with no water and deforestation being one more major culprit there are less and less trees in the hills surrounding Vellore!!

P.S: this post is a result of the nostalgic feeling towards my Hometown!!The local buses which I travelled for over 12 years are waiting for me!!

With Smiles,

April 27, 2006

Illayaraja to Rahman! Cassette Player to I-pod!!

Yo!!! I am not trying Senti, Neither Philosophy and what more I am not even asking you to Smile!! Relax a bit and read the blog as it’s about my favorite music till date!! I am again sorry Mansij I have written something, which you can understand after learning and listening Tamil and Tamils for a while!!
Here goes my top 10 All time Favorite Tamil Songs!!

1 . "Malarnthum Malaratha" from the Movie "Paasa Malar" Amazing Lyrics, superb Voices (I am a great fan of P. Suseela!) a thalattu, just makes me feel dizzy even now!!

2. "Senthazam poovil Vanthadum" (mullum malarum), Illaiyaraaja and Yesudoss with one of the best Lyrics you can get in movie! ( Kaadugal malaigal devan kalaigal !! Malarin Kaatchi iraivan saatchi!!)a poetic beauty!!

3. "Sippi Irukuthu"( Varumai Niram Sivappu), a lyricist work in poetic form and the amazing way in which he handle it (Rathiyum naadum azhagiladum kangal!!), amazing!

4. "Vizhiyil Vizhi mothi" (Kadhalukku Mariyathai), not many can explain love at first sight better than this! “Vizhiyil vizhi mothi idhaya kadhavu ingu thiranthathe!” ‘”Hey Kathal nenje yaarodu selvay?”

5. "Anbe Anbe kollathe" (Jeans), When Rahman, Shankar sits together to compose a love song they deliver the best! Of all those, with Hariharan’s best Vocal beauty till date, this is a true masterpiece!

6."Nee partha Paarvaikku" (HeyRam), Illayaraja with International Symphony Orchestra, Piano doing magic with Asha Bosle’s Voice this is sure to head many lists!!

7. "Oru Deivam Thantha Poove" (Kannathil Muthamittal), Chimaye touched a few chords in the soul and Rahman starts the Tempo with a great keyboard work, making it one of Maniratnam’s best!

8. "Udaya Udaya" (Udaya), Rahman again, Movie got released after an eternity which never affected this song getting to the top of the table. Awarded best song for the year, which it truly deserved! ”Un paathi Vazhgirein…. en paathi Vizhgirein!”

9. "Edho edho onru "(Lesa Lesa), “Oru Thai nee.. Un sey naan.. intha uravukku pirivethu?” Superb visuals, Great use of Ghatam and Bombay Jayashree’s voice. Great song!

10. "PollaVinayein" (Thiruvasagam in Symphony), Illayaraja, I came to understand why my Tamil texts contained “Thiruvasagathirkku Urugaar Oru Vaasagathirkkum Urugaar”! , Full of soul!!

Nothing has interested me all through my life more than Songs! I am more than happy to share some of my favorite songs with you! Hope you like them too!!

With Smiles,

PS: Thanks to I have made a Playlist of most of the songs!
Link :

April 10, 2006

Vendatha Vambu!

Dai un bloga padicha gre clear panrathu romba easyda!!
Unnakku ethukku da intha veen vilambaram??
Ithellam pathathukku appuram sari antha English enna namakku drogam pannichu athai poi en kodumai paduthanumnu oru unnathamaana mudivukku vathein!! (all people who cant understand Tamil plz forgive.) venam nee kelambathe...unakku puriyuthunu enakku theriyum...vanthathu than vanthe padichittu po...afterall thambi,sivakasi nu pala pala arumaiyana padam patha illai ! athuvum 100/50 nu kaasu koduthu..padi rascal!!
Adavathu maha janangale...intha bloga naanum rendu moonu per sonnanghanu arambichittein..aana daily/weekly/monthly kooda ethuvum elutha mudiyale!!
Sari tour poittu vanthome athuvathu eluthalam nu try panna...100 % feedback enakku onnum puriyalenu!! Namakku ethukku intha vendatha vambu! Enna than innaiku netla nondikittu irunthalum namba ellam kutti servurla kuppai kottina aalu thane! Nethu karupatii kaapi kudichavan innaiku cappuccino kudikaran rathukagha namba en theriyatha velai seyya koodathu illaiya? Mudiva nee enna than da sollavaranu mattum kekariya?? Naan sonna nee athai kettuduviya?? Appuram enna pechu ithu...enakku poluthu suthama pogalenu naan elutharein...nee athai vida periya vetti payyan ethai vanthu padikare...kumudam, raani nu vera ethuvavathu iruntha athaiyum than padichiruppe ippo..
Athan ithukku mela ennala oru manushana torture panna mudiyathu...aana ennai plan panni kolai pannitenu solliduvaanghanu than stop pannikarein!!

Siri ya mudichittein,

March 5, 2006

What can a weekend trip do for you?!

Does a weekend trip relax you? This was a question that floated in my mind as we started to leave for this place, Sriwardhan. Also was a place listed in our agenda, Dive agar. Both places were a great treat to watch and fun in its own sense.

We were about fifteen people from the team that I work. We had arranged for a “Tempo Traveler”, a seventeen seated vehicle to take us through this trip spanning about 400 from the place where I live. We had a hill range called “The Western Ghats” in the middle. The drive wasn’t particularly bumpy, but it had at least 40 hairpin bends to provide fun!
The driver of the tempo traveler would not be more than 20 years of age by any stretch of imagination. His, leave alone having the experience of driving through the mountains, wouldn’t even pass a simple driving test. Well, he took us through some free Roller-coaster rides with people falling all over the place inside the Van. Starting from Pune at about 0800 hrs and we reached the place at around 1300 hrs! We had the mercury touching its best of the day and no hesitation whatsoever in getting into the water. We dived, jumped and stayed aput in the water for at least 1 and a half hour. Followed up next was a neat lunch at a near by resort. This was a true resort. It had a tree house, a tent, Thatched roof rooms, a duck and a cat! After relaxing for about an hour there, we played cricket! We kicked the football for a while and headed to a place called Dive agar. This place was about 15 from Sriwardhan, but man! Wasn’t this sea scary? With waves as fiercer as it can get, ups and downs in the sea level made us nervous! We just couldn’t stay in that water for long. After taking few pictures there we proceeded back to Pune. This like any trip was nice and enjoyable. But will temporarily forgetting the problems be relaxing? If it does, then how? & Why?

This should be philosophical, and related to the nature of this species. But as long as we are not scientists, but be philanthropists the root cause of worry should melt away. The serene beauty that awaits us on a holiday, be it a seashore, be it a mountain, means to me “survival”. As we see this the dimensions of the problem which we are strangled with seems not a problem but a process. Just as sprouts struggles to get out of seeds. A thought when crossed my mind, made things look obvious. Peace of mind. When a mind is in a state of peace, a sea can provide you meanings to life. when its not, a sea can give you peace of mind. And it stuck me when I thought how could I maintain the state of peacefulness within me? Smile. The only solution I could think of. When I turned back my pages in life. It gave some wonderful examples where I could have managed a problem with a smile. That was when I realized the power of the muscular flex on the face!

Keep smiling,

February 27, 2006


When I'm down and sad
You're always there
Hoping for the best.
When i want and need
Love, hope or comfort
You help me find it.
You're heart is pure sweet,
Not sour or bitter.
And forever and longer
I will help you with whatever
you're so kind, and caring
thoughtful, nice, and loving.
without you I'd be lost,
and I would definitely Die.
A poem which has more to do with the emotions than with ethics. Life takes a person, With the cut of the umbilical chord, in a journey. Life is not a journey towards a destination.The have milestones in it. We call the milestones that behest our way as success and failure, but they are what they are, Milestones. It is a never ending journey and we pass through certain roads where few people travel along with us. Some travel for a long time alongside on the hard road, and some pass by. Never does two person travel all along together.

So when we come to a juncture where a companion leaves, it means the road changes. It means in future even if the roads cross, it just crosses and as passing clouds, it just mocks the past. The divider on the road, signalling the end of every single relationship translates into the heart and stores it for life. The best way to part ways, again, is the very motto of this blog. SMILE.

Smiling is the only solution to reduce the burden which we carry along in our lives.

Keep Smiling.


February 23, 2006

Starting with a smile!

Try Smiling

When the weather suits you not,

Try smiling.

When the bike won't start,

Try smiling.

When your neighbors don't do right,

Or your friends fight, Sure it's hard,

But then you might

Try smiling.

Doesn't change the things, of course

Just smiling.

But it cannot make them worse

Just smiling.

And it seems to help your case,

Just smiling

Brightens up a gloomy place,

Then, it sort of rests your face

Just smiling.

Life has two ways of living. One where you can be concerned of the surroundings, bothered about the criticism other wherein you chose whom you can ask opinion for and care less of others. I am starting this blogging. I chose to add spice to life. I chose to have something to cheer about!

For a person who has thoughts flying from the sports to music to literature to philosophy (I've never read one!). So when I try my hand in writing something it starts as a comedy and ends up as philosophy, not to mention the tense oscillating between the past and the future. It not just confuses the person who is reading it but also me as to wonder "what the heck am I trying to pen down?". Bolder actions reap greater rewards. So I've done what would be the last thing I would do.Write. Encourage me to write more,hoping to laugh more!

Note: Bloggers who visit my blog, either by accident or by destiny just put your comments before swearing to god as to never visit this blog again…! Hurray! I just caught you smiling!!

With Smile,