March 18, 2009

New life @ New Delhi

I am back in India and that means the Internet restriction policy by the companies start. You dont check your personal mail, you dont access social networking sites and the word download is already out of your dictionary. 
Adding to these woes is the traffic and timings of office you seldom get time to visit the blogosphere and no wonder all my heavy traffic months were when I was outside the country.

Its been a pretty hectic one month after I came back and some might know that. I was moved or rather dumped into a train to New Delhi from Chennai and was asked to work here for a period of anywhere between 4>5 months. 

Unfortunately, a week after I came here, my father had to undergo urgent hospitalisation and subsequent medical procedure before getting discharged and adviced rest and recuperating well.

I am back in Delhi again, now that I have to finish the call of duty that moved me to Noida in the first place. 

Its election time and I have to look at ways now to register myself and vote. But travelling twice from Delhi to Chennai and spending so much money, might not be worth it. Afterall, a parlimentary election vote is not that costly!

Kind regards,