May 11, 2006

The Senti Tag!

Some see Life as one that is full of regrets for what has happened and some as one that is filled with happiness!!
Though I do, not completely though (that’s why this blog is coming), belong to the second category but am surely not in the first one! So when Prad tagged me to write some of the things that I miss a lot. I was more than convinced enough that I do have sufficient stuffs on this!
Rice mill ground Cricket! My twelfth standard vacation saw me getting buddies (mail us @: for lifetime! Thanks to our RMG (sounds like SCG, MCG doesn’t it?) the gap after 14 years of continuous school life was completely enjoyable! I still miss playing cricket amidst chattering for hours and hours there! RMG is still there and also my friends! We might play again...destiny permitting...!

College life! Those hawa bazeeing (a typical RIT way of putting Chatting without no real subject) till 6 A.M in the football ground, or those cricket in scorching sun and hailstorms, Places like Shyamda (an assistant in the Mechanical engineering dept who used to sell tea and junk eatables inside the campus during the evenings), Daddu (a stall that started after 11 P.M doing the same work only at night!!), Novelty for the countless get2gethers, Madhuban again for Parties and Bistapur (considered to be the most happening place of Jamshedpur). I can go on and on and on in writing about this! But I carry less “load”(a RIT way of putting Grimness) as the friends it has given me are for lifetime! (Also miss Professor Lalji’s famous “there iij (is) a majeene (machine)”!!)

Friends! I have made a lot of them. Abundance, in fact. But they are far too separated. I changed my school after 10th and I missed a lot of them; I miss most of them till now; many of my 12th friends though I come to know at least about their whereabouts! College friends, we have been blasted to all parts of this earth!! Buddies! Wherever you are! Do remember that there is a friend still reminiscing of those good old days!!

Family! Miss being with Parents! Fights with my young brother (Surprise!! I always lose!!), staying at cousins place and Grandparents over weekends. Endless uncle’s marriages with another endless list of cousins running tirelessly inside and outside the “Chattaram”! Funny young days! To be on a serious note, they have supported me throughout, in each and every step of my life, to which I am always grateful!!

Specialty foods! Some dishes, you get them everywhere, but what about the places where it is so special to you? Like, the Golgappas (Paani Puri) in Jamshedpur, Alu paratha, Dahi Kaadi of Hostel-G, RIT Jamshedpur, Buttermilk from Vizhagapattanam and Vijayawada Railway stations on those travels!

My trips to Andheri, Mumbai!! Not many people will be there now as they used to be at a point of time!

That’s it. These are few things I miss! But isn't that the way of life!! I would rather add 10/20 more in this topic in the future rather than being sad in missing the abovesaid!!

With Smiles,
P.S: I'll add the list to be added soon!!

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