July 15, 2009

A subject, subjected to subjective subject!

Eons ago, I blogged in this very blog that writing and coming up with writeups that qualify itself as a post qualified to a post is the most daunting and challenging task I face every now and again!

It can be painfully boring to think of a subject which interests and eventually gets posted. The number of drafted but to be posted blog entries in my Dashboard certifies that!

But, I have to admit the blogging has to the single biggest thing in my life that kept me bonded for about 4 years! My college, err, comes closer, but a lot of other things (compulsion, to name one) kept me going at that!

Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn, uff, has indeed solved a lot of blogging needs, with the holy one liners pretty much summing up what am upto! Buttt, somehow, I feel they are unidimensional and there are some thoughts, war cry and heart cries, posts like this, that may go unnoticed!

I hang on to blogs, with the tip of my finger nail, nevertheless, hanging on.

Smiles from,