December 27, 2006

2006- A Year as it is...

They are doing it. Every Single newspaper, TV channels are analyzing how 2006 was?
What was the progress happened for the nation as a whole, Industries in specific and individuals in particular? Let me put together my pluses, and minuses in 2006. After all that's why the blogs are there!

The journey:

Started off in Pune, as a calm software engineer gaining knowledge about the software industry, it was a year that promised me a lot. Then as I turn back to see there are a lot of ups and downs.
This year gave me great opportunities to take myself up by a notch or two professionally having to shift job from Pune to Chennai.
Looking back I have to thank Gopi anna, Nattu Anna, Anoop, Prad, Matty, Arun (peppy) for their support in helping me with the interviews or for great mental support!
Not particularly impressive second half of the year though! Let to live alone, I was enjoying the sense of freedom and the luxury I was showered into. A sense of complacency had taken over.
I faced hard days that required a lot of steel. Losing a few days that stuck hard where it hurts. Only too late to find out that the steel was getting groomed by day, mending it and trying to make me a better person.

As a whole 2006 started as a year for a boy who had no worries enjoying himself out at every given opportunity to a young man who knows that there are something more to the functioning of the world than it actually meets the eye. Trying to be watchful, trying to cut some aggression!
Trying to be calm thus avoiding being short tempered its been a real journey.
And I am grateful to have started a battle for life.

Having said that I have a few Plans for 2007
1. Career personal development
2. Planning
3. Personal Management
4. Patience in decision making

I have never made a New Year resolution, but this year its different!
Wish me best so that I won't falter.

God bless you and have a happy and prosperous new year.

Of course with Smiles! ;-)


P.R.A.D said...

de did i really help u or r u trying to ince adichify to bury the 5 kms / chappathi matter?? aane kutti, all da good things that had happened to me in 2006, u were a part of it too da.. really miss u!! happy new year to you!!

Anoop said...

Hey....surpris i just saw ur post now..
u should have told me naa....
it was well written..1 or 2 pics topped it..
and finally, dude..u played an imp. role in our year as we did in urs....have agreat 2007!!