April 27, 2006

Illayaraja to Rahman! Cassette Player to I-pod!!

Yo!!! I am not trying Senti, Neither Philosophy and what more I am not even asking you to Smile!! Relax a bit and read the blog as it’s about my favorite music till date!! I am again sorry Mansij I have written something, which you can understand after learning and listening Tamil and Tamils for a while!!
Here goes my top 10 All time Favorite Tamil Songs!!

1 . "Malarnthum Malaratha" from the Movie "Paasa Malar" Amazing Lyrics, superb Voices (I am a great fan of P. Suseela!) a thalattu, just makes me feel dizzy even now!!

2. "Senthazam poovil Vanthadum" (mullum malarum), Illaiyaraaja and Yesudoss with one of the best Lyrics you can get in movie! ( Kaadugal malaigal devan kalaigal !! Malarin Kaatchi iraivan saatchi!!)a poetic beauty!!

3. "Sippi Irukuthu"( Varumai Niram Sivappu), a lyricist work in poetic form and the amazing way in which he handle it (Rathiyum naadum azhagiladum kangal!!), amazing!

4. "Vizhiyil Vizhi mothi" (Kadhalukku Mariyathai), not many can explain love at first sight better than this! “Vizhiyil vizhi mothi idhaya kadhavu ingu thiranthathe!” ‘”Hey Kathal nenje yaarodu selvay?”

5. "Anbe Anbe kollathe" (Jeans), When Rahman, Shankar sits together to compose a love song they deliver the best! Of all those, with Hariharan’s best Vocal beauty till date, this is a true masterpiece!

6."Nee partha Paarvaikku" (HeyRam), Illayaraja with International Symphony Orchestra, Piano doing magic with Asha Bosle’s Voice this is sure to head many lists!!

7. "Oru Deivam Thantha Poove" (Kannathil Muthamittal), Chimaye touched a few chords in the soul and Rahman starts the Tempo with a great keyboard work, making it one of Maniratnam’s best!

8. "Udaya Udaya" (Udaya), Rahman again, Movie got released after an eternity which never affected this song getting to the top of the table. Awarded best song for the year, which it truly deserved! ”Un paathi Vazhgirein…. en paathi Vizhgirein!”

9. "Edho edho onru "(Lesa Lesa), “Oru Thai nee.. Un sey naan.. intha uravukku pirivethu?” Superb visuals, Great use of Ghatam and Bombay Jayashree’s voice. Great song!

10. "PollaVinayein" (Thiruvasagam in Symphony), Illayaraja, I came to understand why my Tamil texts contained “Thiruvasagathirkku Urugaar Oru Vaasagathirkkum Urugaar”! , Full of soul!!

Nothing has interested me all through my life more than Songs! I am more than happy to share some of my favorite songs with you! Hope you like them too!!

With Smiles,

PS: Thanks to Raaga.com I have made a Playlist of most of the songs!
Link : http://www.raaga.com/channels/home/sharedlist.asp?tid=%7BFAC2F3C3-E827-4DBC-AEFD-82670C7509EC%7D


Matty said...

Super collection da machan!

P.R.A.D said...

I agree that these songs have amde "OUR" tamil industry walk with the chin up !!

But, U could have included two more songs from Sivakasi

Ennaaatha Solvenugo, Vadumaanga Oorthungo.. Really a yummy and appetiting song..

And Maama Un ponna kudu, DJ Srikanth Deva's remix version.. With he himself voicing da song, itz a sweet treat to all the ears !!

Prad ;)

Anonymous said...

Great job done bala....
Keep it up....

The songs u mentioned are all my favuorites tooooooooooo.....

That too, the first 3 songs in ur list are my all time favourites...

And the last song "Polla Vinaiyen" from Thiruvasagam(Sivapuranam)....I love that lyrics even before it got a musical touch from Illaiyaraja....After that, no words to explain....


Balaji said...

Matty..(mathiprakasu...) thanks!
Prad: I will add them sometime later when i write some of the worst songs and movies i can remember!!

Lekz: Plz try to recall some words!:-)

Anoop said...

Nice post..heard most of the songs in the list.....My fav in the list~Oru Deivam Thantha Poove..though i like Vellai Pookal better!!

Matty said...

Moothevi...Worst songs list la "Ennatha Sollvenungoooo" patta poduviya...

Ynana Soonium!!

Balaji said...

Matty: Yeah...remembering that I ever watched that movie is a big moothevi thanam!!

P.R.A.D said...

Machi, nee tagged !!

Anonymous said...

whats up everyone

just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

Balaji said...

Cant help but to laugh at the fact that I am getting readership a good 4 years after this post :)

Whoever this anonymous is..thanks:)