September 8, 2006


Now I decided to post something which I do the best. Talking without sense.
First of all, I deeply apologize to all the regular visitors of my blog for not constantly updating the blog. I was a bit busy (adanguda !!!) .
Here are some of the events that happened after I declared that I would like to come back from all the expeditions in the Northern part of India (actually I’ve been only to the east and west, but like any south Indian is madrasi, anything above AP is North!!)
I joined another company in Chennai, which has sent me to Singapore(Oorla irukka uda mattingaranghaya!!). And here I am in Singapore, still reading my post about Chennai and sighing...!!!
First time in a foreign country would have been very pathetic if it had not been Singapore. Hey this is a Cosmopolitan Country!! Chinese and Indians (as in the world) occupy most of this country(Country? Chennai is bigger my friend than this!!)I get Indian (south) foods, at a 5 times costlier price than in India!!!
Now It was not the same me who wrote that Pune is costly!!!!! Tamil movies screened in theatres, a rarity in Pune, and surprisingly at the same cost to double the cost as of Pune !
Yeah, I am still spending after multiplying the rates internally by 30!
I was not a freaky shopper. But this place is not let me even drink a Pepsi as it costs about 60RS!!!!I Guess, I would become a mean Kanjooos by the time I reach home if I don’t change.

Hey, will stop with a list of good and bad things about Singapore.
Bad News First.
1. This is not India.2. You don’t get a Vegetarian food, other than Indian restaurants!
3. It is too perfect, too clean and too hot
4. Too early to add more.
Good things.
1. Transportation, can match the best in the world. Germans have to confirm
2. Too friendly people.
3. Places like Little India (yes, this is a place in Singapore!) gives that "Apna" feel.
4. Too early to add more.

保持微笑, (keep smiling, Chinese Language)Balaji

P.S. All vethu-gethu(show-off) lines I have written here, are under the assumption that you are not flying to Singapore right away, for me to face the consequences! But if you do! Inform me in advance!!!!

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