February 23, 2006

Starting with a smile!

Try Smiling

When the weather suits you not,

Try smiling.

When the bike won't start,

Try smiling.

When your neighbors don't do right,

Or your friends fight, Sure it's hard,

But then you might

Try smiling.

Doesn't change the things, of course

Just smiling.

But it cannot make them worse

Just smiling.

And it seems to help your case,

Just smiling

Brightens up a gloomy place,

Then, it sort of rests your face

Just smiling.

Life has two ways of living. One where you can be concerned of the surroundings, bothered about the criticism other wherein you chose whom you can ask opinion for and care less of others. I am starting this blogging. I chose to add spice to life. I chose to have something to cheer about!

For a person who has thoughts flying from the sports to music to literature to philosophy (I've never read one!). So when I try my hand in writing something it starts as a comedy and ends up as philosophy, not to mention the tense oscillating between the past and the future. It not just confuses the person who is reading it but also me as to wonder "what the heck am I trying to pen down?". Bolder actions reap greater rewards. So I've done what would be the last thing I would do.Write. Encourage me to write more,hoping to laugh more!

Note: Bloggers who visit my blog, either by accident or by destiny just put your comments before swearing to god as to never visit this blog again…! Hurray! I just caught you smiling!!

With Smile,


Matty said...

Hey…Aane Kutti (little elephant)

First of all Welcome to Bloggers world....!!!
I have written a nice poem about ur real life and it is fully dedicated to youuuu…

Yo…here we go….

Try Smiling

When the your bike met up with an accident,

Try smiling.

When the whole house is burning,
When all your underwear has lost,

Sure it's hard,

But then you might

Try smiling.

Happy Blogging!!!

P.R.A.D said...

de mathi, naara vaya [ SEPTIC TANK MOUTH ], for the sake of making bala smile, why da hell are u smiling now >> gabbu thaangala [ STINNKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSS!! YUCK !! PHEW !! ]

And Bala [ Anne kutti ] , Un kavidhaila anganga Kanmani Ponmani ellam podu !!

De, by da way, Welcome to this elite community of bloggers.. Namma company sothu ippadiyellam azhiyudunu nenakumpodhu, romba perumaya iruku !!

Anoop said...

Nice start Bala.......I will be coming back..so keep updating!!!and keep laughing!!!

Devendra Jain said...

That's a great starting...thoughts are really profound & wonderful and expect more interesting stuff in the coming time.

anshu said...

Have I ever told you that your writing is way more organised than your talking ( I am tempted to write 'your room' too, but that would not ring a bell to the visitors here...) I mean you could almost confuse to death when you tried to find solutions for India-Pakistan situation.
However, smiling is what we are talking about here...
So I offer my little poem
''Smile when you are stuck in
God forsaken Mishima,
With no food,
No internet,
Almost nothing remotely close to the species called humans...

Smile because one day it will all end,
and you will find that your Robinson Crusoe phase is over!!
And yo can go back to a place where they speak the language you understand,
and eat food you know the names.

You have reasons to smile !!''

Sorry for venting out my frustration here...
I am following your bolg...so keep writing!!

Chi ya