April 8, 2009

Political? Read this!

Elections? Whatz that bro?
In this maddening world, there cant be many more mad things as elections in India. Sure there are the guiness books, but that restrict itself to individual madness and you cant think of a collective madness as the elections in India.

For any sane person of this country, leaving these bunch of nonsense makers who self proclaim themselves as leaders of the nation and to believe that they are the future is not only depressing but horribly frightening!
These are days of political actions where the already out-of-the-mind media yell so loud that you can hear them with TV switched off!!
So my bits on the politics that I understood or I failed to understand!!!

Why Fight elections dear?
Some strong ones first. I have been taught that India is a country of many religions and all living in harmony and enjoy harmony. But, a minimal understanding on politics would tell you that well you have not been given a fact in schools but you have been merely thrown someones's wish!
Unity in diversity is a hogwash statement, that is atbest used where even diplomacy fails!

People of this country want good food, clean water, proper shelter, neater roads, electricity, transportation for which mostly they are dependent on the government, or we were made to believe, it looks like even your jumping the traffic lights are even synonymous to who is in power during that day!

With this premise, an election looks big and a fate decider for an average Indian.Thankfully thats not to be. An average Indian, willing to shell some bucks when in trouble isnt in any kind of issues. 

Whos fightin?
BJP, a party from the days my memories goes back, been a party which kindled the emotions of lots of hindus,p when not warranted that has led to polarization of the country. Frankly speaking other than countering islamist terrorism and tackling congress, they dont have anything fancy. 

Then there, you have Congress, except for Manmohan Singh and AK Anthony you dont have uncorrupt ministers and except Soniya Gandhi who is a decent leader and just that. They were responsible for anti sikh riots is a legend in whole of Delhi! Well being non communal is their claim but dalit, muslims, moderate hindus are their vote banks(????). Talk of anomoly!!!

Its fair to conclude this big blog with stating India is indeed hopeless given the facts.
But wait in a puppet race that Indian democracy is, we have another fictious group called the third front! These are strange set of individuals who could neither accept of the two and nor have an agenda for themselves. 
Simply put, if the BJP are the republicans, the Congress are the democrats in the Indian elections. But,let alone having an OBAMA, I dont even find a George W Bush Jr here.!!
Elections time and again serves as another testimony for an inefficiency to deliver what it taught you, even the basic ones. I just wonder how much it actually worth, even worrying about?

Just my 2 cents guys!!
Happy voting...doesnt matter if u aint votin! wont make a freakin difference!

Wry Smiles, 

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