November 27, 2008


Am I the only person or are there people in India who thinks that India and especially its media has gone mad? Daily I watch this CNN-IBN and thankfully dont buy it completely. I tried to base some of my opinions in line with the masses, but more than taking opinions I find myself arguing in the middle of the night (alone, thanks to the time difference with Japan) with the media pundits!
Having said that, I can imagine what is being played in NDTV and Times NOW. Cmon this is about war right? A war of survival in the commercial India where if you dont give a sensational story for a guy who comes back at 8 PM after a tired day's work at office, braving the terror threats that are omnipresent, feared by the recession and his job, whose wife is most probably looking out for oppurtunities again to start working, thanks to the inflaaaaaaaaaaaaaation, he will definitely switch off the Tele and think again at his own worries or worse switch on the all india radio for some old hindi songs. You cant let him be careless. Can you?

He should be worried about the war now! But this war is already on. The war of inequality, the war of injustice, the war of languages, the war of cultures and the war of stubborness. He who has no time to think about why his roads are so bad, why the drain is full and overflowing again, why the bus cant hold only the 40-odd people it can hold and not the 150 others who "hang around!", he who wears a helmet and pained to see another one flaunting it on his petrol tank.

My man has no time to think why he was abused so unhumanly when all he did was to stop his bike when the yellow light went ON. If these social problems arent enough, he has to deal with the economic problems, a collegue has been asked to leave and a friend who doesnt know when his company will collapse. His boss has happily announced that your job is safe, except take a 10% salary cut.
My man, who is tired by a midday call from the credit card company reminding him of his bills and his agents mail about his policy due date. A common man, fighting thousands of war in a course of day only finds himself in a war against survival. I dont know cartoons. But if R.K.Laxman can still do it or any one half as good, please convey to the war hungry media houses in India that we are already in war. A war which was waged on him, when he did nothing wrong and he can only fight. A war where everyone runs after his hard earned money, he has to be cunning. Ruthless and insensitive even to the poor.
After so many wars, he has lost the hope of the government for he sees them as one collecting taxes from him and pay its employees, nothing else. For the leaders, for all they bother is that you dont turn up to vote, I will take care of it. To him, "I" and "My" are the most important terms in the world.
Because my man, now has to feel that he is a part of the society. He has to live a pseudo life. He texts the tele guys, to kill all the pakistanis, vents his anger for the day, sleeps in peace that night to fight another war the next day! For the tele guys who he knows are working late, but waging the same war, the war against the race of time.

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