November 15, 2008

Disease prevention!

I dont know what to do!
I am staying away from India for the time being and have this luxury of living life without breaking news of the Indian news media. Believe me, I am living a very peaceful life here. The Indian in me sometimes asks me to look at what is happening in your country! Well, nothing special. They have now found out a "Hindu" terrorist organization or whatever. But, as I said, the luxury of living in Japan made me realize that news is no more news here. I felt like watching a crime movie everyday!
Here are the news that had the prievilage of the Media
Encounter of a Bihari job seeker in a Mumbai
A Sadhu and a Guruji are arrested in connection for planting bombs
India won Australia to retain the Border-Gavaskar trophy
Among other more important news that reached me was more regional, Dr. Ambedkar Law college students in Chennai had a bloody (literally) fight among themselves and the state of Tamil nadu has been put on high alert!
I dont know if this is correct or wrong, but somewhere in our total news coverage the media and the news savvy citizens like me, We have gone more and more negative. When the stock market crashed on a monday. I am now prepared to tune in to a headlines stating that "Blood bath in Dalal street" or something to that effect. When a Language fundamentalist, ask Mumbai to respect Mumbai's culture, the whole of Media is ready to bash out with something like "Raj Thackrey lashes out at the Biharis, declares Chat pooja illegal!" And in cricket (I ve been writing too much of it off late!!) this funny line, "India outses Australia 2-0, Are they the new world no.1?) blah blah blah...

The world is not safer, with terrorists striking, fundamentalists attacking, finances galloping and life getting harder by minute as a result of this. But what good is this? Worse we have got some bad people out there! We have had the Hitlers and the Idi Amins in this world. Can some young college students have the same threat to us. They normally shouldnt. But they are, because of the protrayal in our great news media that more than fifty % of the commuters feel that commutation is a threat!

I wouldnt for a bit deny that terrorism or anything of that sort needs to be under estimated or taken less seriously. But, where are the positive signals to combat terrorism? I was in Singapore which woke up to Mumbai Train bombing they continuously play video on how to counter terrorism to the commuters. But bomb blast after bomb blast we have been told that how a man of twenty something place a bag in the garbage bin and walked away into thin air..we have no clue, though densely populated!

Give me solution guys, for I dont have one! Give this to your friends if you feel the issue is worth it! Let us all come up with a responsible way of working for the media and be more careful in handling issues such as terrorism and give a person, however big a celebrity he is, some personal space...Till the time we would have a solution implemented, we will keep this thread alive
Start now!

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Thoughtful post :)
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