September 25, 2008

So Long and so less

I dont know whether the world of blogging has seen its high already or not. I used to get a lot of blog updated(!) messages and some fantastic blogs via email. Oflate, I stopped receiving anything remotely related to blogs. The world today is not similar with the one that I stopped blogging. The world today is full of negativeness. Filled with terrorism. Masked with trustlessness. There is a very serious need for people, I mean you and me to understand each other better.
I write this blog sitting in the sixth floor of an air-conditioned office in the heart of Chennai and I know many people who have the access to this blog, need not even know that there is a place named Chennai! That beauty, amazes me! This medium offers an excellent platform to lay things simple and plain before this world. Therefore, I dedicate this post to the agents of positiveness in the world.
What is the need for me, suddenly, to start worrying about the world, all of a sudden? Has it got anything to do with me sitting jobless after a long long time(!!!). Of course it does. But what worries me most is that though I have thought over countless time to convince myself that there will be an end to it. The drama is getting more serious and the end might perhaps be a prologue to a whole new other drama. The terrorism threats me. Yes it is bound to. Thats why some 20 young graduates planted bombs all over the country, killing about 200 people in the process.
But what threats me more is the flavor of religion, that adds to any thing and everything that I see.
This flavor in the terrorism, in the vandalizing of churches, in the money-to-convert scandals topped with global temperatures increase of the same, panics me. Humanity needs a leader.
For all the gods who have successfully failed in saving the world from this misery. I doubt, even a man for all of what he is, would be able to do it.
And, that is what threats me the most!

this post might not bring smiles on the face, but I hope in some years, I would like to read it and laugh at it as an unnecessary panic (Definitely not Nostradanamically!!)


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

//I would like to read it and laugh at it as a unnecessary panic (Definitely not Nostradanamically!!) //
This was too good :) And Thanku for stopping by and letting me know the existence of a nice blog!

anshu said...

This comes from not exactly an agent of positiveness, the kind you are looking for, but I can certainly connect to the key word in this post 'terrorism' that is, the most humiliating term I have come across in recent times, and I write just to disagree with one point-Humanity doesn't need a leader, the word in itself is defunct i dare say, what humanity needs is to be a little non-self, a little intolerant, and a hell lot so many people out there I don't know what the solution to this global chaos be, but I would still be happier if there were many people who would know what the problem is !!