June 14, 2007

India's First!!

If there would have been a moment that makes Mahatma Gandhi proud and embarrassing at the same time, that happened yesterday.
I am not a political observer, but at the hindsight it looked like the Congress could not dictate its Presidental Candidate from its own party (It even had to struggle for the PM Candidate) and the communists party dictated something else, when it came to the job of selecting the first citizen of the country, such street fights should have been avoided.
Mahatma would surely have been embarassed!!

Not everything though were as farcier as it were..The congress-communists duo then announced a decision, that overturned the whole history of the Indian politics and made the world sit up and look up..We already have the chairman of the ruling coalition, who is literally controlling the union government, how far is something we wont want to discuss...
Now, when they announced Rajasthan governor her Highness Mrs. Pratibha Patil for the post of the President it obviously was the best you can extract out of a farce!!!
Mahatma would have sensed half his dream is already true...and the progress is certainly in the righteous direction...
Rajasthan, a state with high female infanticide and child marriage ratio has its governor becoming the President, who incidentally is a female!

Mahatma would have been proud!
And for people who wanted an Abdul Kalam or a Narayana Murthy or Amitabh B, all I can say is wake up and realise politics isnt fantasy!
And as far as the post of president goes, 60 years into it we already did what America or a France could not.
boy!! wouldn't Mahatma be happy!!!

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